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Call for Polemics at SePublica 2013

There is much controversy in the world of publishing and semantic publishing needs to both create waves in publishing and to ride the waves of change approaching in the world of publishing. We therefore invite statements for presentation at a discussion session at SePublica 2013 at ESWC in Montpellier on 26 May 2013.

We want radical, controversal and polemical positions to be articulated about semantic publishing and how we should achieve semantic publishing of scholarly works, data and all sorts of stuff. To be presented, statements must be relevant, legal and not too offensive(as judged by the workshop organisers).

All acccepted statements wil be presented. Submission will be through easychair; all accepted polemics will be published before the meeting on the Knowledgeblog platform (http://www.knowledgeblog.org), where they will be permanently archived, and open for public comments. Submissions should be limited to 500 words. We can accept submissions in most formats, including Word, simple HTML (nothing in the header, no active content) or Latex (again the simpler the better). Presentations on the day wil be restricted to one slide that will be presented for two minutes (we will do this via timed slides) – all slide presentations must be submitted in advance. Presentations will be followed by a vivid discussion.

Alexander Garcia
Christoph Lange
Robert Stevens
Phillip Lord

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